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High School Audition Prep


Amy Marie Stewart

Vocal Coach

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Sasha Diamond

Acting Coach

Over the last 10 years I've been thrilled to help students get into their dream schools. Every one of my students that I've helped with their auditions have been accepted to their high school of choice thus far, including LaGuardia High School, Frank Sinatra, Talent Unlimited, and PPAS.


ABOUT THE AUDITION: High schools have not yet released their criteria for this year, but in the past schools have requested an a cappella song and possible musicianship testing for the vocal students; a song and 2 contrasting 1-min monologues for musical theatre students; and, 2 contrasting monologues from acting students. Auditions were held in a mixture of in-person audition appointments and self-taped Virtual Auditions that are uploaded with their applications.


ABOUT THE CLASS: We'll help your student along the process from start to finish. We'll help your student choose which programs are right for them, help them select and cut the ideal audition material, coach their performance in private sessions, run "mock auditions" in group settings, and provide the equipment and space necessary to recording their audition tapes. We offer a variety of weekday and weekend times both for private and group sessions, all of which can be booked "a la carte" to work around your student's schedule. And, there's no need to fret about buying light boxes or adhering to a particular school's format: we take care of it for you, and ensure all school requirements are met well in advance of the 2023 December 1st application deadline.

ABOUT THE INSTRUCTORS: I am incredibly excited to welcome Sasha Diamond​ as this session's acting coach. Sasha has been seen on Broadway in SIGNIFICANT OTHER and on television in NCIS: New Orleans, New Amsterdam, and more.

Click below to learn more about us, and about the Vocal Track, Acting Track, and Dual Tracks (for students applying for multiple programs).


We can't wait to meet and work with them!

"Amy has been the most supportive, encouraging teacher for Maddie that she has had.  We both appreciate all of the time you spent working with Maddie on her song selection and auditions. We are so grateful for all of your expertise that led to a positive outcome!"

Trista S.

Parent of Maddie, now a sophomore at Frank Sinatra

"Amy guided my daughter through the audition process for the vocal department for the performing arts high schools in NYC.  She was accepted to LaGuardia High School of Performing Arts, Talent Unlimited and waitlisted at Frank Sinatra High School of Performing Arts. Pretty good, I'd say!"

- Alyceson R.

Parent of Marley, now a freshman at Talent Unlimited

Vocal Track

Song Prep


or 3 payments of $579

Sept 18th - Nov 17th


Acting Track

Contrasting Monologue Prep


or 3 payments of $579

Sept 18th - Nov 17th

Opera Singer_edited.jpg

Dual Track

Song + Monologue Prep


or 3 payments of $679

Sept 18th - Nov 17th

Need financial assistance?

Financial aid is available to make sure students from all economic backgrounds can feel prepared for this year's auditions. If interested, please email me at with "Financial Assistance" in the subject line or contact me here and we'll make sure your student can participate at a level that's financially feasible.

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