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"The main issue I see actors have when choosing rock and pop material is how overwhelming making a choice can be.


The name of the game is narrowing it down, using the following key attributes."

Originally posted on the TheoryWorks Webpage

Before the Interview

"The trends for audition materials are constantly changing. Whether you’re new to musical theater or a veteran, you want to make sure you have a résumé and that it’s truly up-to-date. To do that, include the following elements in your musical theater résumé."

Originally posted on Backstage

Lead Singer

"There’s a lot to consider when deciding if a new audition song is a good fit for you: Does it suit your vocal range? If not, can (and should) you change the key so it does?


Here’s the process for deciding whether or not you should change the key."

Originally posted on Backstage

Practicing Piano Notes

"It may seem like something all singing actors should know, but many who come through my studio don’t know what their range is.


So let’s talk about how to determine what your range is and how to convey it on a résumé."

Originally posted to Backstage

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