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High School Audition Prep

Dual Track

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The Dual Track is designed specifically for students auditioning for admission to voice programs and acting programs within performing arts high schools for the 2024 school year. 

During the 8-week class, students will receive:

  • Assistance selecting both audition monologues and song(s)

  • Vocal technique and performance coaching

  • Musicianship instruction

  • 3 private voice lessons

  • 3 private acting lessons

  • 4 group classes of their choice

  •  2 two-hour taping sessions (recording equipment and studio space included)



    • Between September 18th and October 14th, students will receive a total of (3) private 1-hour voice lessons with Amy Stewart and (3) private 1-hour acting coachings with Sasha Diamond.

    • After purchasing their plan, students can schedule lessons online for the day and time of their choice online. Sessions are conducted 2-6pm Monday - Friday. It's recommended students book early to ensure their first choice of times

    • Audition rep will be selected by both teacher and student based on their personal tastes, skills, and goals.


    • Students will then attend up to (4) 2-hour group classes of their choice!

    • Students may choose from Monday, Wednesday, or Saturday sessions of the class each week. Classes are held 4-6pm on Mondays and Wednesdays, and 12-2pm on Saturdays, and are held at Ripley Grier Studios at 305 W. 38th Street and 8th Avenue.

    • Musicianship skills that might be required at school callbacks will be addressed and practiced, "dress rehearsals" for their virtual auditions will be recorded, and "mock auditions" will be held to prepare students for their in-person auditions or callbacks.


    • Students may then schedule their two 2-hour taping sessions with Sasha and Amy on the day and time of their choosing, between October 24th and November 17th.

    • Audition deadlines are usually in December, so they'll be all set well before the deadline arrives.

We can't wait to work with your student! If you have any questions, please email me at:

  • High School Audition Prep: Dual Track

    Prep 2 Contrasting Monologues and a Musical Theatre Song
    • Assistance with Monologue and Song Selection
    • 3 Private Voice and 3 Acting Coachings with both instructors
    • Group Singing and Acting Classes
    • Mock Auditions
    • Musicianship Instruction
    • On-Camera Technique
    • (2) 2-Hour Taping Sessions with both instructors
    • Recording Equipment and Studio Space provided
  • High School Prep Course: Dual Course

    Every month
    Pay for the course in 3 monthly, automatic payments
    Valid for 3 months
    • Assisstance with Monologue and Song Selection
    • Private Acting and Vocal Coaching with both instructors
    • Group Singing and Acting Classes
    • Mock Auditions
    • Musicianship Instruction
    • On Camera Technique
    • (2) 2-hour Virtual Audition Recording Sessions
    • Recording Equipment and Studio Rentals Included
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