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To my darling students, including those arriving here for the first time (or, for the first time in a long time!):

I was finally diagnosed with young onset Parkinson's Disease late last year. Those who are already familiar will know that the road to this diagnosis was a very long and difficult one. 

I've also required some abdominal surgery (I always knew Kate Middleton and I had a lot in common). And like Kate, I'll need to disappear for a little while I recover -- and get the musical that I'm writing on wheels.

So I'll be in Colorado staying with family for the next few months while I regroup and figure out some next steps. I plan to be back in the city by August, at the latest.

Until then, here are the teachers I wholeheartedly recommend:

Christiana Cole

Kevin Michael Murphy

Barnaby Reiter

You will be in knowledgable, safe hands with any of these folks!

I love you all so dearly! Wishing you joy this spring and summer -- I'll be back before you know it!

Very best,


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